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IT Rendszerek

IT systems provide the backbone of the processes required by any contemporary enterprise. They insure the foundation, the control, the proficiency, efficiency and growth of any company.


The revolution of this age is the revolution brought by computer science. Half of the industrial processes will become automated in 5-7 years time.

IT projects

Our goal is the research of IT projects entrusted to us by our suppliers

Business plan development

 We provide guidance in discovering areas that can be further developed, in creating IT systems.

Our advantages

We represent the link

We create the common platform for the representatives of the economy and the software developers.

Years of experience

We have expertise in the work processes of several economic areas.


We are in constant contact with and we constantly recruit software partners, we can insure the best possible team of experts.

Our vision of the future

To become the most extensive providers of IT services in Central Europe.

Software saves costs and energy, cuts back on customer expense, so the real question is whether customers can afford to operate without exclusive software in the next 5 years. In case of complex softwares initial costs can be high, but at the same time the advantages of the installed programme can be enjoyed from the beginning. The investment will return is a short time span.

  • Project research
  • Software trade

  • Local representation of software companies

  • Consultancy

Our activity in figures

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